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Saya setuju dengan sebuah slogan dalam ilmu marketing, jika suatu hal tidak menarik bagi anda, maka anda bukanlah target pasarnya.

Setiap pelaku bisnis melakukan riset terlebih dahulu untuk menentukan kategori konsumen seperti apa yang akan mereka jadikan target. Indikator paling umum untuk mengsegmentasikan konsumen beberapa diantaranya tingkat ekonomi, kondisi geografis, latar belakang pendidikan, menjadi pertimbangan utama untuk menentukan desain dan konsep produk, harga, hingga media iklan. Continue reading


If you’ve explored iOS7, then you’ve witnessed the parallax layering effect of the background, icons, and opened apps. When browsing on a Mac, you’ve probably seen the impressive 3D views in cover flow and Time Machine. And if you’ve checked out Gmail or Spotify for mobile, you’ve seen sidebar navigation create depth. Besides these examples of digital layering & 3D transformations in software and apps, we have the whole web demonstrating more dimension in a site’s layers of content. Layered content includes the now ever-present parallax scrolling, but we have even more innovative examples of z-axis animation emerging in our browsers & apps.

An incisive article by Wren Lanier explains how to approach z-axis designs, urges us to keep iterating, and suggests trimming needless flourishesTaking advantage of the z-axis helps us solve for interfaces that require a complex UX/UI.

Here are some examples to inspire your next foray into layers & depth. Continue reading

UX is not UI

“UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.”

UX has become a neologism. When something has “good UX” it is an implied meaning of having the core components of UX (research, maybe a persona, IA, interaction, interface, etc etc…). It’s not really necessary or desirable to tack the word design onto the end anymore. It’s a distraction and leads people down a parallel but misguided path… the path to thinking that UX = User Interface Design.

I was inspired to write this post after viewing Elisabeth Hubert’s (@lishubertpresentation at the Future of Web Design 2012 conference in Prague. She says in the presentation quite clearly: Continue reading